Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Illustrated Packaging

In searching for our next campaign feature for 3x3 I came across this wonderful, amusing package design by Saffron Consultants in Madrid. The package features illustrations by Andrew Bannecker and as a release from B-A Reps says, "Andrew and Saffron have helped Coca-Cola develop a new drink, Menos es Más, that is easy both on your wallet and the environment. Being frugal doesn’t mean being boring, Saffron has developed a joyful personality for this mighty little drink. We wholeheartedly believe “personality goes a long way”. That’s why Menos es Más is all about optimism and joy. And yes, we have magic funnels that transform birds into elephants. Just like this concentrate can make liters of refreshment from a small drop. The logic is simple, this drink takes up less space and produces less waste." Nice job all.


  1. Replies
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