Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lunch with Josh Cochran

We had the pleasure of having Josh Cochran over for lunch at the studio. We've been a big fan of his work for some time, he was featured in an early 3x3 Gallery section and I had to admit that I thought he was from the UK when I saw his work. It definitely has an un-American look to it, much more European. Fact is, Josh spent a great deal of his days in Oregon, some time in Taiwan and finally in the LA area where he attended Art Center. After spending three years as a fine arts major at USC, he transferred to Art Center as their grant specified he had to be working on his bachelor's degree. Smart move. Josh will be taking to the other side of the desk as he begins a teaching stint this fall at Parsons, teaching a drawing class--lucky students. Josh and his wife moved to Brooklyn last year with a studio in an old pencil factory in Greenpoint and an apartment in Bed-Stuy. His wife is working at a book publisher's and studying typography nights at the SVA. He's been busy with a lot of interesting projects, mostly advertising assignments and has been picking up more work from across the pond lately. We noticed that Josh was sporting an interesting new tattoo. When asked we found that the topographic drawing along his upper left arm was an original design commemorating the last hike he had with his father along the Muir Woods Trail. He's still debating whether or not to color it in. Lunch was the chicken curry salad redeux we did for Carlo's lunch; dessert was a homemade chocolate sorbet followed by cold-brewed iced coffee. With every course Josh would exclaim, "Amazing!" about the food and presentation which is exactly what we think of his work and him, amazing!


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