Thursday, July 2, 2009

Children's Show Winners Announced

The Children's Book Show judging is complete. This was the first year we judged the actual books along with digital entries as well as adding several new categories. As always the judging was tough and each winning entry had to receive a majority of votes from our judges. A great many fell just shy of having the necessary votes. In some shows all it takes is two judge's votes and an entry would be in the show; if we used that criteria then we would have had many more winners. We prefer a tougher show; it makes winning all that more special.

Our panel of judges included senior art director David Caplan, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Laurent Linn, art director for Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; Eleni Beja, editor for Holiday House and illustrators Raul Colón, Serge Bloch and Sean Qualls.

Congratulations to our winners.

Best of Show
Shaun Tan, Young Adult

Shaun Tan, Children's Book
Sun Young Yoo, Children's Book
David Ercolini, Educational
Annika Skold, Educational

Isabelle Arsenault, Children's Book
André Letria, Children's Book
David Ercolini, Educational
Scott Menchin, Misc

Elisabeth Alba, Children's Book Unpublished
David Ercolini, Educational

Ofra Amit, Children's Book
Carin Berger, Children's Book
Maria Carluccio, Children's Book
Rachael Cole, Children's Book
Andre da Loba, Merit,  Children's Book
Cambria Evans, Children's Book
Julia Friese, Children's Book
André Letria, Children's Book
Natalie Pudalov, Children's Book
Sean Qualls, Children's Book
Edel Rodriguez, Children's Book
Dan Santat, Children's Book*
Stefano Vitale, Children's Book*
James Yang, Children's Book
Soundprints, Children's Book
Claudia Boldt, Children's Book Unpublished
Cannaday Chapman, Children's Book Unpublished
Seounghyon Cho, Children's Book Unpublished
Kenny Harris, Children's Book Unpublished
Kevin Kelly, Children's Book Unpublished
Youngsun Liu, Children's Book Unpublished
Sonia Kretschmar, Book Covers
Michael Slack, Book Covers
Paolo d’Altan, Covers & Interiors
Adrià Fruitós, Covers & Interiors
David Ercolini, Educational
David Ercolini, Editorial
Michael Slack, Misc

*Multiple winning entries


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