Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Issue 12 Hits the Newsstand

Hot off the presses, 3x3 will be on the shelf in the US and Canada later this week. And in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe later this month.

This issue features James Jean, Eddie Guy and Christopher Silas Neal, our Icon is Henning Wagenbreth, art director profile is Nicholas Blechman and our ad campaign is Fuse. We also talk about diversity in our CareerTalk column and showcase the work of artists Orlando Hoetzel, Germany; Catherine Denvir, Italy; Kerry Meyer, USA and Neil Webb, UK. In our Gallery are artists Viola Welker, Germany; Sofia Lopes Dias, Portugal; Maja Bechert, Germany; Drushba Pankow, Germany; Stefan Vnbroek, The Netherlands; Jan Feindt, Germany; Kerstin Stephan, Germany; Antje Herzog, Germany; Krister Flodin, Sweden; Damyeong Yoo-Hartlaub, Germany; Felix Stumpf, Germany; Linda Lubbersen, Switzerland; Stephane Goddard, France; Eric Giriat, France and Matthias Gephart, Germany.

Cover design by Krister Flodin, Sweden.

Issues are available at select bookstores and newsstands or available online. If your store isn't carrying 3x3 encourage them to do so--where they see demand they'll add a magazine.


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