Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jessica!

It was a Thursday, Valerie Schuman was here freelancing on Creative Quarterly and at the end of the day we all gathered--much to Jessica's surprise--to wish her a happy birthday. Finding the cake was the tough part, seems this part of Brooklyn doesn't believe in cakes as much as they do in cupcakes but none the less we found a delicious chocolate mouse cake. The egg-shaped cake (after all it was close to Easter) was dotted with candles and arrived lit in the living room as we gathered around to sing "happy birthday". A few Aperol spritzers later, the party livened up quite a bit, lots of laughs, a few more bites of cake and then time to wrap it up for the day. Jessica headed off for her two week vacation and we headed back to work. Oh, and there was another birthday this month, Sarah Munt! Happy birthday to both, and many, many more. Our show coordinator and production assistant gets back to work on Monday. Pictured left to right, Jessica Quinones, Sarah Munt and Valerie Schuman.