Friday, January 30, 2009

3x3 Illustration Annual No. 5 On Newsstands

Be on the lookout for our newest annual, chock full of great art by leading illustrators from around the globe. Divided into categories for professionals and students our annual is the best value on the newsstands in the US, Canada, UK and parts of Europe. Thanks go to Sarah Munt for another great looking annual, thanks to our judges for selecting only the best work and of course thanks to the illustrators who chose our show to enter.

Look for the annual at selected Barnes & Noble and Borders plus independent newsstands. And if the store near you doesn't carry it, tell them they should, a third-party request means a lot to store owners. You can also order the annual directly from our web site at

Cover illustration by Cat MacInnes.

3x3 Illustration Directory ILLO 09

Just to let everyone know, our 2009 illustration directory has been printed and the first wave is being mailed today.

The total mailing will go out over the next two weeks so we expect our directory will be in the hands of the first wave of art directors and art buyers by mid-February and the remainder by the end of the month.

Our mailing is going to key decision makers in the areas of advertising, publishing, corporate, editorial and entertainment. Our list includes creative directors, design directors, art buyers, art directors and graphic designers. We have selected the top ten markets in the US and have added key cities where we believe there's a receptive audience for illustration.

Last year's directory was mailed to just the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area, this year we will be visible in over 22 states as well as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The bulk of the mailing is still centered on the tri-state area but we've expanded beyond to other parts of the northeast, midwest, south and west coast.

If you're an art director or art buyer we will be happy to send you a complimentary copy, just go to Sorry only art directors or art buyers get a free copy.

Cover illustration by René Milot

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3x3 Magazine Issue 11

Look for the latest issue of 3x3 on the newsstands in the US and Canada as well as the UK and parts of Europe. The issues is up for four months only, if you can't find it we have them available online.

We're proud to feature Martin Haake (Germany), Erik Mark Sandberg (USA) and Marco Ventura (Italy). Our profiles include examples of their current work, their studios and an in-depth interview by a fellow illustrator. In addition we showcase the latest work by Q. Cassetti, Heidi Younger, Sally Vitsky, Kathi Kaeppel and Toby Thane Neighbors. And images by Ryan Snook, Scott Bakal, Andrew Rae, Staffan Larsson, Zina Saunders, Darren Hopes, Seounghyon Cho, Daniel Horowitz, Antoine Helbert, Steven Tabbutt, Anne Lück, James O'Brien, Philippe de Kemmeter, Craig Frazier, Elvis Swift and Alex Gross. We also profile R.O. Blechman and Françoise Mouly, talk about maintaining your passion and feature ad campaigns for Rothman's, Ford-Canada and Smoky Mountain Heritage Festivals. Our next issue features the work of James Jean, Christopher Silas Neal and Eddie Guy. We also profile Henning Wagenbreth and Nicholas Blechman. We'll talk about the Fuse ad campaign and give illustrators more helpful ideas about their careers. And of course more outstanding examples of fresh talent and recent work of our leading illustrators.

Cover illustration by Martin Haake, Berlin