Wednesday, May 17, 2017

3x3 International Illustration Student Show Winners Announced

We’re pleased to announce this year’s 3x3 Student Show winners.

The judges selected our winners from nearly 1,000 entries from 112 schools in 18 countries. After all the votes were tallied the judges awarded a Best of Show award, four Gold medals, four Silver, seven Bronze medals and nine Distinguished Merits in addition to fifty-two merit awards. Ninety-three Honorable Mentions were also announced.

Congratulations to Chenfu Hsing, Toyo Institute of Art and Design, Shinjuku, Japan, our Best of Show winner.

Max Loeffler, Hochschule Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany, Xin Ren, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom,  Katherine Lam, Ringling College of Art and Design and Enzo Lo Re, Brera Academy, Milan, Italy were our Gold medal winners. A complete list of this year’s winners are online.

Our judges were asked to vote an entry either In or Out, a majority of the judges votes were needed to be accepted into the show and a combination of total votes plus judge’s favorites determined each of our medal winners.

There were a great many entries that fell just shy of being accepted into the show and there were very few where the entry didn’t receive at least one or more judge’s votes.

Winners will be published in our print and digital editions due out later this year. They’ll also be exhibited online. A complimentary digital edition is being sent to leading art directors along with contact information for each illustrator.

Thank you to our judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to complete the judging process. And a heartfelt thank you to our Show Chair, Rod Hunt for all his help with the Show.

We’ll be announcing winners for our other two shows in the coming days.

Pictured starting from the top left clockwise, Chenfu Hsing, Max Loeffler, Katherine Lam, Enzo Lo Re and Xin Ren.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Julia Rothman Moderates AIGA Panel
on Interactive Children's Books

AIGA New York is having a panel discussion about illustator Lotta Nieminen's new book for Phaidon.

Lotta Nieminen's work spans a variety of mediums: from graphic design and branding to illustration and product. For her first publication with Phaidon, she designed and illustrated a series of interactive children's books that present young readers with a visual introduction to recipes and cooking. In a panel discussion with her publishing team, she will discuss the process and inspiration for this unique collaboration as well as introduce Pizza!, the second release in the Cook In A Book series.

Lotta Nieminen, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director
Cecily Kaiser, Publishing Director, Children's Books at Phaidon
Meagan Bennett, Art Director, Children's Books at Phaidon

Julia Rothman, Illustrator

Lotta Nieminen: Cook In A Book
Wednesday, 31 May 2017
55 Prospect Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

6:30-7:00PM Doors open & check-in
7:00-8:30PM Panel discussion
8:30-9:00PM Book signing & reception

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Meet Our Remaining Judges

This rounds out the judges for our 3x3 International Illustration Awards Show No. 14. We’re pleased to have illustrators Orit Bergman and Andrea D’Aquino on our Picture Book Show panel and adding Julia Rothman and Dieter Braun for the Professional Show.

Since a child Orit has always done two things: drawn or painted and told stories. She studied visual communication at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where she is now head of the Illustration Department. Bezalel was the only academic institution in Israel that offered a degree in visual communication; it was there that she realized her passion for illustration. “I  like to tell stories with the illustration. This is what I am doing, and it is what I am. Illustration is not my profession, it is my vocation—a way of living, a large part of my identity.” But since the Israeli market is quite small and there is such a high concentration of good illustrators she has had to work in a variety of areas. This led her to write and illustrate ten books and illustrate a dozen more, develop plays and the backdrops and props for them. Her environment has an influence on her work, “I’m inspired by the nature around me, the changing of the seasons, and the endless variety of shapes it takes. I also draw inspiration from my frequent train rides, where I can’t help but overhear many stories (people in Israel talk loudly on their cell phones), and where I have time to daydream.”

Andrea doesn’t like labels, while she’s been an ad agency art director, graphic designer, illustrator and writer, she prefers the label “creative”. While working as an art director had it’s perks: “I designed ads for Giorgio Armani, did shoots with Kate Moss, been on film sets with great cinematographers for TV spots that I’ve written, and collaborated with some of the best illustrators and photographers around. But somehow, as wonderful as all that is, I still found myself somewhat creatively unsatisfied.”  So she spent several summers in Italy, France and Spain and somewhere along the way she rediscovered her own creative nature and how to express it not for a client, but for herself. Drawing has always been a part of who she is, influenced by all matter of images from medieval to contemporary art, “I love medieval art for its magical story-telling quality, as well as Persian art. Inventive and unexpected uses of color is usually at the heart of what I like most.” She’ll admit, “Some of the best things I’ve made are mistakes, however this does not imply sitting and waiting is any kind of effective choice. I think all art is work, it takes effort and doing things over or just organizing and experimenting without a clear cut goal or without seeing pleasing results.”

Julia is a native New Yorker, her Hello NY: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Five Boroughs was praised by the New York Times, New York Daily News and on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. She has also created illustrations and pattern designs for newspapers, magazines, wallpaper, dishware, bedding, books, billboards and subway posters. And if that weren’t enough she has authored and illustrated nine books. When asked about advice for young illustrators, “I always hear illustrators talking about how worried they are now since ‘print is dead’.  But I think it’s important to think about the wide range of applications for illustration—everything from toys to textiles, to packaging and advertising. There’s plenty of work for illustrators.” About her own work,“ Often I look back at something I made and have regrets about doing a better job. The mistakes stand out like they’ve been circled in red.” A little known fact about Julie, back in high school and during summers in college she worked for a DJ as a ‘party motivator’, “I would go to fancy parties and lead the line dances or try to get people to dance. Nowadays I would never have the guts to get up and dance in front of crowds of strangers—well maybe after a few drinks.”

Dieter loves animals especially following an African safari he and his wife went on. Growing up in the city of Dinslaken in the North Rhine-Westphalia area his parents were supportive of his interest in art and gave him a set of oil paints and an easel when he was ten years old. Though he felt he was a bit too young, he did try his hand at painting, “At first (they were) quite amateurish, but in time my paintings became better. And eventually I realized that I wanted to do it professionally.” He studied communication design at Folkwangschule in Essen and after trying different forms of design he gravitated towards illustration, “During my studies, I accepted my first assignments as an illustrator for small agencies in the Ruhr area, and I thus financed my life in Essen.” Today he works in Hamburg and sees himself as a classic applied illustrator though he has expanded into gallery work and as an author. Asked about the industry, “We are bombarded all day with photos, both with great, artistic, as well as with everyday mobile phone photos. It is perhaps easier nowadays to use the illustration to find their own special language.” His latest book Die Welt Der Wilden Tiere, is an illustrated book of wild life.

Clockwise from top left, Orit Bergman, Andrea D'Aquino, Julia Rothman, Dieter Braun

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
Call for Entries poster

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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Meet Our Judges: Daniela Silva, Designer
Granta Publications

Daniela is one of the few designers that I know of with a masters degree, graduating from DUOC UC in Chile, she gained her degree in Editorial Design from Central St. Martins in London.

She has been a freelance graphic designer since 2005 working for Prahlad Bubbar, I.B. Tauris Publishers, Phaidon Press and since 2011, at Granta Publications. She’s responsible for commissioning art, photography and illustration for the magazine as well as designing book covers for both Granta and Portobello Books.

Daniela is also the co-founder of Fotoautomat, an international photography magazine dedicated to the work of emerging photographers.

Daniela joins our 3x3 Professional Show jury along with Sam Arthur, Jonathan Kenyon, Orlie Kraus, Ivylise Simones, Julia Rothman and Dieter Braun.

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
Call for Entries poster

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meet Our 3x3 Student Show Judges

Our 3x3 International Student Show is a bit different, we ask a leading art director to join our jury. Joining Johan Holm, founder and art director of Me and My Magazines, are illustrators André da LobaGina Triplett, Michael Byers and Genevieve Gauckler.

André prefers to be known not as an illustrator but rather as an inventor. His studio is much more like a laboratory. Cardboard, wood, paints, found objects are all waiting to be explored and united in arresting ways. Whether for an animation, children’s book or editorial. Asked about his process, “The personal and professional get mixed up. Not a good thing … but there are so many things I want to try that stopping is not an option.”

Gina always knew she wanted to illustrate. Her early experiences in a high school for the arts exposed to options and influences that created the path. Children’s books also became an obsession at an early age. That, and her dad was a painter, “My mom likes to tell the story of my makeshift diaper changing table that she had made out of one of my father’s paintings that she didn't particularly like. It contained the color of yellow ochre that she hated with a passion. Strangely, yellow ochre turns up in almost all of my artwork. Go figure.” Gina divides her time between commissions and gallery work where she collaborates with her husband Matt Curtius.

Michael is a witty guy who believes that life doesn’t have to be so complicated and taken so seriously. He says, “I try to find the humorous side of the piece. I realize that I’ve done a few pieces that are a little more serious but I try to make even heavy topics a little lighter. There’s enough negativity in the world these days.” And he’s always been a drawer, “I remember drawing a lot when I was a kid. The first type of project I can ever remember making was little catalogs of WWF wrestlers that I really liked. I was very much into wrestling at the time.” Today he makes a drawing a day whether its for an assignment or just for fun, “I draw one thing everyday. That is to say that I make sure I am drawing something whether it’s a piece i’ll take to final or just a little doodle on a scrap piece of paper.”

Genevieve is a French artist, illustrator and art director who is best known for her ever-evolving procession of lovable characters and technicolor digital mashes. When asked about her formative influences, she sites an early childhood fascination with the colorful packaging of her favorite breakfast cereals and the title sequence of her favorite TV series, Flipper. She spends as much time as available traveling around the world, giving lectures, exhibiting work and obsessively taking photos for her ever expanding collages. “My favorite places are Japan and India but I also love spending time in the French countryside with my dog, Kawa, and of course my laptop.”

Clockwise from top left, André da Loba, Gina Triplett, Michael Byers, Genevieve Gauckler

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
Call for Entries poster

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Meet Our Judges: Sophie Stericker
Creative Director, Hachette Children’s Books

Sophie Stericker has spent her entire career in children’s publishing. A graduate of University of the Arts London’s Camberwell College of Art and Design, Sophie has put her graphic design skills to work for a variety of publishers. She has worked as an art director and then Creative and New Product Development Director for HarperCollins Children’s Books, and as an art director at Egmont Publishing and Orchard Books prior to joining Hachette as Creative Director.

Hachette UK merged its three children’s businesses—Hachette Children’s Books, Orion Children’s Publishing and Little, Brown Books for Young Readers—into one division in 2014. Stericker is responsible for the creative strategy of all aspects of Hachette’s Children’s Group’s publishing and will represent art and design on the HGC board.

On working with image-makers Sophie says, “I have commissioned over a thousand artists and photographers during my career and never cease to be amazed by the quality and skill of our many talented image makers.”

Sophie joins Melissa Manlove, Louise Bolongaro, Orit Berman and Andrea D'Aquino on our 3x3 Picture Book Show jury.

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
Call for Entries poster

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Meet Our Judges: Ivylise Simones
Creative Director, Mother Jones

When you look at Ivylise’s bio you’re struck with the straight-to-the-top journey she’s had.  A University of Miami graduate she spent the first year and four months working as an associate art director at the Miami New Times. Fast forward to a move to New York where she was first an art director at the Village Voice for a couple of years, then to the freelance trails working for People, Showtime Networks and Popular Science ending up as the Design Director for The New York Observer then two years at Harris Publications before the move to California where she worked as AD on Sactown magazine before being recruited by Mother Jones in 2013 as their new Creative Director.

Today she oversees creative operations for the investigative news outlet's bimonthly print magazine and 24/7 website in San Francisco.

Simones has also applied her design and photography finesse to Showtime, Popular Science and American Photo, and in 2010 she helped to launch People magazine’s iPad application. Contributing photography and photo illustrations is also second nature for Ivylise.

Asked what kind of story lends itself to illustration, she replied, “Stories where the main characters aren’t visually recognizable. Complex stories that can lead to beautiful conceptual ideas. Stories that just need a visual boost!” And she loves working with illustrators,“Back when I was the art director over at the Village Voice and The New York Observer, working with illustrators was pretty much half of what I had to do on a weekly basis. In those weeks, there could be up to seven illustrations in one issue!”

Ivylise joins Sam Arthur, Julia Rothman, Jonathan Kenyon, Dieter Braun, Orlie Kraus and Daniela Silva in judging this year’s professional show.

3x3 International Illustration Awards No.14 open for entries
Three shows: Professional, Picture Book and Student, open to all illustrators in all countries
Call for Entries poster

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, March 24

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