Monday, April 14, 2014

3x3 Spring Self-Promotion Workshop May 17

We’re once again offering a one-day self-promotion workshop. This new and improved workshop is broken into two sessions. Session One is devoted to the strategy of self-promotion, what and how we promote. Session Two is devoted to the tactics, where and when to promote.  We’ll also review your current materials and for those who take both sessions, we’ll give you a project for a new promotion piece and critique the results. A full explanation of what is covered in each session can be found on our registration page.

Our workshop is different than others as it comes from an art directors point-of-view. Using interactive exercises, we walk you through each step to a clearer understanding of what you should be communicating. The seating is limited so you receive more individual attention. And it’s affordable, $85 for each session or $150 if you take both.

So if you’re not getting the response you want when sending out postcards or email blasts this workshop can help. Research shows 80% of art buyers and art directors continue to respond to these traditional methods when hiring new illustrators.

Sign-up early as seating is limited. Registration closes on May 10.

Here are a few remarks from previous workshops:

“I thought the workshop was very informative, in regarding about the focus on ‘Self.’ I enjoyed learning about ourselves and each others. The discussion about different colors were very informative and fun. The printed email list was of great help, it was clear and direct, put us in the shoes of art directors.”

I feel as though the workshop was something that was pivotal in my becoming an established illustrator or graphic designer. I don't intend to go back to school and doubt I would have learned this information from any other way.

The workshop had a lot of information and showed me new ways to think about marketing.

Charles is easygoing, well spoken, and clearly an expert in his field. He makes the information accessible and the workshop participatory.

The workshop helped to bring into a focus a lot of things that had been vague about how I think about my work, and how to select who to market myself to. It also was very helpful in showing ways of doing that.

The workshop provided me with some new ways of looking at myself as an artist, forcing me to ‘define my work in simple terms.This was tough, but I think continuing to refine my definition will end up being incredibly valuable. I am looking forward to approaching clients with this new perspective in mind.

The afternoon workshops was my favorite part of the workshop. There was more specific examples and guidelines that was relevant for me and I appreciated how specific he got with what to send to where and how.

The workshop was supremely informative. I only wish I had all of this information years ago. The workshop would be a value at twice the price.

For more details or to purchase tickets through our Eventbrite page, click the button below.

3x3 Spring Workshop - Self-Promotion
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Brooklyn, NY

Session One: 9-12pm
Session Two: 1-4pm

Eventbrite - Spring Self-Promotion Workshop

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Art and French Cooking with Edel Rodriguez

This sounds like a fun adventure that Edel is offering.

“A couple of years ago I was in France to attend a cooking class with my wife for a week at Le Calabash Petit Conservatorie de la Cuisine, a culinary school in the Loire Valley about three hours Southwest of Paris. While my wife cooked, I spent much of the time drawing and painting at the school and in the countryside. The chefs, Sidney and Alison Bond, noticed what I was up to and struck up the idea of teaching a class together sometime—an art and cooking class.

“We’ve worked out all the details and are offering this class for the first time this summer, June 22-28. The experience at Le Calabash was memorable for us and I hope to have some friends come along this year.

“The classes are limited to 10 people, from beginners to professionals. Each course will adapt to everyone’s skill level, with a sense of discovery for everyone. There will be trips to chateaus and local markets along the way. The setting, classes, food, and new friends will make it a trip to remember.”

6 Day Le Calabash Cookery Experience

Residential €1975.00
Non-Participating, accompanying, but not taking classes €1695.00
Single Supplement €375.00 ($516)

The classes are limited to 10 people and will adapt to everyone’s skill level

For booking, please contact Sidney and Alison Bond,

UK Comic Comp Winner Announced

I was invited by Instaprint in the UK to be on a panel to select the final winner of their comic design competition. There were three finalists and our job was to select the ultimate winner.

While all had their share of strengths and weaknesses I felt that one stood above the others. Using the competitions criteria I weighted each on a scale from one to five: Illustration (3.5), Character Design (3.5), Script Quality (4.0), Personality (4.0), Shareability (5.0), Humor (4.0) and Kelly Angel's comic, Ambition was the winner.

Ambition’s quality comes through with the script quality, the personality—you can feel the person and empathize with them, has great share ability—its a universal story and the wry humor sets it apart. It is also one that I could see running in all major global newspapers as an ongoing column where the others were one-shot approaches.

Kelly Angel studied design at Darwen Vale High School in Lancashire and is now a designer who continues to enjoy making comics and illustrations. She is currently working at a sign language company in Blackburn, Lancashire. Her job includes designing and making learning software for children.

Kelly’s premise: “It’s pretty scary trying to figure out what you want to do with your life once you leave school, and again when you leave college and then once more after university…eating snacks while you play video games all day surrounded by animals seems like a good idea. That’s what I’m aiming towards, but no one is willing to pay me to do it at the moment!”

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hardcover Annual No. 10 Arrives

Our first samples of the 3x3 International Illustration Annual No. 10 arrived this morning and they are, if we may be so modest, absolutely gorgeous.

As many of you know this is our first hardcover annual—another thing that has been ten years in the making— and we only ordered enough to fulfill our original orders. As you can imagine a hardcover costs more than a soft-cover but if there’s any way possible this year we’d like them all to be hardcovers. But since the newsstand sales outlets ask for softcover editions we have to split an order between hardcover and softcover editions which makes each a bit more expensive. So we’ll see. We’ve learned a great deal about the production of hardcovers with No. 10 and will apply that going forward.

Special thanks to Prolific Printers in Winnipeg for an outstanding job!

If you’ve ordered a hardcover annual they will be going in the mail late this week or early next week. Allow seven to ten working days for delivery domestically and two weeks for international deliveries.

And let us hear your feedback. And check out the other item that’s taken us ten years to develop: our medal.

Of course, the softcover edition is ready to mail, same great content!

Cover illustration by René Milot, Canada

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ten Years in the Making:
Introducing the 3x3 Medal

Ta-da! We are introducing our medal design, a first for 3x3. The 3×3×3-inch cube is designed using five faces of the cube each with a single symbol.

The first side has our logo

The second side has a leaf, symbolizing the continuing growth of illustration

The third side has a palette, representing the blurring of lines between fine art and illustration

The fourth side has the infinity sign demonstrating the long-lasting impact of illustration

The fifth side has the globe indicating the global influences on today’s illustration

We have yet to decide on the color or colors, that’s the next step. But we did want to share this final design with you. Ready for 2014 winners.

Check out our website for an animated look at our new medal. Once it loads you can slow down the animation using your cursor to see each individual side.

Design by Charles Hively + Sarah Munt, HivelyDesigns
3-D Model development: Dot San, UK

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Importance of Shows: Mayer,Viana, Melanson

We’ve asked several illustrators to comment on why they enter shows and in particular why they enter our 3x3 Shows. We’ll be sharing their comments over the next several weeks as we lead up to our show deadline. Here are a couple of short and sweet responses.

“For me, entering shows is a great way to add prestige to your work. It’s an inexpensive way to get your work in front of top art directors and designers. It’s also a great pleasure to write an art director you’ve worked with and tell them, ‘Hey SooJin, That piece we did together won a gold medal!’ Now how great is that?”

“In today’s digital age, characterized by its immense overflow of content, it has become increasingly difficult to draw attention to your work, good as it may be, while it swirls in a flurry of ever growing distractions. Curation has become key and illustration shows remain some of the top curators in this field. They lift your work up from the stream and display it amongst of some of the best illustrators around.”

“The annuals have always been an important part of my promotional efforts. For me it’s just another good way of getting my work out there and it’s a pretty inexpensive one too. I must say I still love books and I really enjoy looking at great art in print. It’s very inspiring and stimulating. 3x3 is certainly one of the best shows to see what is happening in the illustration world right now.”

The 3x3 International Illustration Annual No 11 deadline is fast approaching, all entries must be uploaded or postmarked no later than Monday, March 31.

Meet the Judges: Jamie Trendall

Jamie Trendall is a magazine art director based in London. He has over 15 years experience working for companies such as the BBC, the Times Newspaper, Haymarket publishing, as well as smaller design studios. Commissioning illustrators has played a key of part in his work and he has been privileged enough to have been a judge for the Association of Illustrators and Transport for London’s Art on the Underground. Jamie has the distinction of being our first art director to judge the 3x3 Student Show.

What Jamie will be looking for:

I love it when an illustrator surprises me, so I’m hoping to be both excited and surprised by some wonderful ideas, as well as fantastic execution. For me the winning artwork will need to not only instantly engage me, but also make me want to come back for more.